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We use cookies on our website Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer when you download a website, and are used to optimize the website’s function and adapt it to your wishes. Cookies enable us to understand user behavior on our website so that we can improve the user experience. The cookies also enable us to remember your settings and what you prefer from our products and services on websites and channels outside

On , permanent information cookies and so-called session cookies are used. Permanent cookies are used for statistical purposes and storage of searched files. Session cookies are used to manage your choices on the website. Permanent cookies are stored for a longer period on your computer, unlike session cookies, which disappear when you close your browser.

Data controller

Mycalls, by the general manager, is responsible for the processing of information from cookies, asdescribed in this declaration.

Treatment basis

By visiting , you confirm that Mytaxi AS can use cookies. You can configurmye your browser at any time so that cookies are not downloaded on your platform. The following links will provide you with information on how to change the settings in your browser to control which cookies it stores:

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The information we collect through the use of cookies When using , we will be able to collect the following information about you:
IP address.
username and.
usage statistics and patterns.
How the information we collect is used The information collected by Mytaxi AS is used for the following purposes:
Statistics: we use the information from cookies to keep statistics on how visitors use, such as how many people visit different pages, how long the visit lasts, which websites the users come from and which browsers are used. This contributes to the improvement and further development of our information offer.
Marketing: we use cookies to show you advertisements for our products and services in other channels and websites outside This helps the marketing to be customized based on your preferences.
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Cookie : Analytics.js
Provider: Google
Storage time: Varies – maximum 540 days in remarketing context
Description: We use the following advertising functions in Google Analytics:

Remarketing med Google Analytics.
ice reporting for the Google Display Network.
Google Analytics Reporting on Interests and Demographic Information You can opt out of the Google Analytics advertising features we use on this site here.
Cookie: Adform
Supplier: Adform
Storage period: 30 days
Description: Used to keep track of which advertisements are displayed, count the number of views, clicks, etc. This is done on an anonymous basis, and cannot be traced back to individuals.

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Sharing of information with third parties
Certain cookies used on forward information to Instagram or Facebook. If you have a Facebook and/or Instagram profile, you must log out of Facebook and/or Instagram if you do not want them to receive information from cookies on our pages. You can read more about Facebook’s cookie policy at Facebook and Instagram’s cookie policy at Instagram.
We may use information that we have about you to show you relevant advertising from us on third-party websites (such as Google and Appnexus).

Your rights
You can read more about your rights in our privacy policy.

Changes AS reserves the right to adjust and adapt this statement on the use of cookies, for example in the event of changes to regulatory requirements. If significant changes are made, we will inform about this on our websites.